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A membership for women ready to Elevate their influence, & market their personal brand with intention online, growing a network marketing business as a complementary asset.



  • 2 monthly live group Q&A coaching calls with me to stay UN-stuckas you build your brand, blog, and business online($497 value)
  • Monthly resources, challenges, guest speaker, and/or training uploaded designed to sequentially move you through elevating and scaling you + your brand's message-driven influence, impact & income online ($97+ value).
  • Access to all past monthly content and trainings such as the Intentional Influencer Branding Bootcamp, Attraction Marketing 101 Mini Course, Content Creation strategy and worksheets, Email Marketing Mini-Course email templates & training, and more ($597 value and counting!)
  • Community with other online entrepreneurs building their brands, blogs, & authentic influence alongside growing + leading in a network marketing business, so that you'll never be without the support and accountability of heart-centered, message-driven women again!
You cannot attract what you are not {yet}. 
If you are someone ready to elevate your Influence + become a magnet for your ideal clients & business partners,
If you are sick of feeling spammy and know there’s a better way you’re not being taught,
If you’re ready to stop the “do the do” hamster wheel strategies that aren’t getting you where you want to go,
You love your fav products as much as the next gal but you don't want to be "peddling your wares" for the next 10 years...
If you’re ready to be known for YOUR message + brand (blog?!) versus network marketing - but still continue to build within it without compromising building YOUR brand to become a billboard,
If you're ready to break away and build a brand (and income) around your message and zone of genius,
If you’re ready to be surrounded by a supportive community who “get it” and what you’re trying to do in the online space:
IMPACT > income 
Well then, you need to get your amazing self into the Intentional Influencer Society!

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