Email Marketing 101 + Checklist

Grow and communicate with your audience on a platform you own (your email list!!)!

What you'll get:

  • A training video where Ashley shows you visually and auditorily how all the required components of email marketing work together
  • Two checklists (one for lead magnet funnels and the other for digital products) to ensure that you have all components accounted for and connected to work together seamlessly.



only $7 with your purchase!

Add the Aligned Action Growth Journal For Brand-Builders - 100+ pages to keep you on track, intentional, and focused in your work:

  • Monthly Goal Definition Journaling prompts
  • Busy vs. Productive Brand-Builders outline and solutions
  • Daily Self-Management Worksheets for the month
  • Daily Money Making Tasks Checklist for the month
  • Coaching Session Prep worksheet to help you get the most out of coaching community or 1:1 sessions
  • Coaching Session Reflection worksheet