Digital Product Lab

If you're ready to create a professional and profitable digital product to sell (actively or passively!) or to use for lead generation, this is the course to show you exactly how!

What you'll get:

  • Step-by-step walkthrough of all the necessary components for selecting the type of digital product you want to create and how to actually create it.
  • Action oriented worksheets I demonstrate exactly how to use as I create a digital product WITH you.
  • The exact tech and tool stack I have used to create hundreds of professional digital products
  • Ninja AI hacks and copy/paste ChatGPT prompts to help you develop the idea and outline for a highly marketable, hyper-valuable digital product.
  • A list of hundreds of digital product ideas, categorized by niche!
  • We go BEYOND just the creation of your Digital Product and into an overview of the next steps you'll want to take to create a passive sales system:

    •  A full-on email marketing course (3 mini lessons) so that you can capture leads NOW, and launch to them now + later!
    •  Sales page components tutorial and editable Canva digital product mock-up templates
    • Pinterest training for creating 24/7 traffic - outside of the other recommendations for driving traffic to your sales page/digital product, without having to show your face or build a huge audience, including editable viral-worthy pin templates.
  • BONUS: Ashley's Digital Side Business Blueprint Masterclass (1.5 hours of FIRE that will give you all the basics for starting up your digital side business, and incorporating your product!). A $222 value alone!
  • and more!

Ashley has created and promoted hundreds of digital products (free and monetized) since 2016 - she's got your back when it comes to creating YOUR digital product a simple and effective way!


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