$10k Month Brand Blueprint, The Masterclass

Are you tired of signing up for free masterclasses and webinars where "guru" marketing coaches in cute blazers with fancy backdrops tell you," I'm going to give you the 5 secrets to {X}!" but then teach you nothing tangible and just pitch you their course at the end?

Well, a) I feel you. Let's promise eachother to stop doing that, okay?

b) that is NOT what you're going to get in my $1 (almost free) masterclass 

Nope. This is NOT one of those classes that pumps you up about WHY having a plan can help you create an additional sustainable $1 to $10K per month through your brand with digital marketing...
then seemingly forget to tell you HOW to create said blueprint...unless of course you "buy my bazillion dollar course {that has thousands of dollars in upsell on the backend}!!" 🙄
Yes, I'll absolutely tell you about my offer at the end because NO I absolutely cannot tell you EVERYTHING about succeeding as a professional digital marketer in one hour.

That way, you can walk away from this $1 hour with me (your brand marketing and monetization strategist) and:

  • start taking strategic steps from the brand blueprint you'll create to achieve a sustainable $1-$10K per month base with an understanding of the long-term "why" AND "how"
  • with the opportunity to work with me for a STEAL if you choose to continue the journey, just for investing time in yourself by watching.

Oh, and I may even have a surprise (time-sensitive) gift for those who watch through the very end!

This is "why they pay me the big bucks," for ONE buck.
(although my business model is undercharge and overdeliver, which you'll soon see!!) 
So, what are you waiting for??

Grab your seat by registering today!

(you'll get instant access to the masterclass portal where you can download then print your workbook and dive in.!)

What People Are Saying:

Just finished the $10k Business Masterclass replay 🤯🤯🤯 I felt like you took me up in a helicopter, showed me the aerial big picture view of what my business will look like, showed me the HOW of what $10k monthly income looks like, and then brought me back down and told me exactly where to start. You have such a gift of making this information simple and relatable. I feel like a lot of free/low cost webinars will show you the dreamy big picture but you're left feeling overwhelmed OR they show you the first steps in detail but you have no vision of where it's going... This had it all!! 🤩👌 Thank you Ashley, I'm so inspired!!

Emily Kurtovic | Mindset & Healing Coach

$1.00 USD

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only $11!

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