5 Days To Define and Align Your Brand

Hear me when I tell you I've been ALL of the abovebut now enjoy "work" building my brand, business, and LIFE in a state of aligned flow.

It feels soooo dang GOOD.

*insert big huge sigh of freedom here*
Those small excuses for why you “have to” or “should” show up and grow your business a certain way even though it feels misaligned….
The little self-betrayals in the way you’re building now (life, relationships, and business -same same) can become absolutely GIANT in 1, 5, 10 years.
You think it’s not that big of a deal now, but just 1% out of alignment from what you actually want will be THOUSANDS of percents of in 5-10 years.

If you don’t feel CLEAR + GREAT about the trajectory of your brand & business,

If you cannot imagine doing what you're doing right now 5 years from now,

If your business is not supporting your best lifestyle & using your unique personaity + gifts in the long-term and/or right NOW,

 I'm sharing the formula to finally get your brand into the alignment you need THRIVE as you build...



  •  What is your message?
  •  Who is YOUR Ideal Client Avatar (ICA)?
  •  What are your your Brand Content Pillars and what is the common denominator between them?
  •  What is your tagline and where should this be displayed?
  •  Where should you be showing up online and how often? 
  •  What is your best/most aligned lead generation method?
  •  What are your brand colors and fonts & where to use them!
  •  How the heck do you turn your personal brand into a BUSINESS (aka monetization baby!)? From incorporating affiliate or network marketing  products without being “that girl” to ideas for what could be possible for you in the months and years to come (Membership? Affiliate marketing? Coaching? Courses?)


And - MOST IMPORTANTLY - how would you ensure that you ALIGN all of the above with your personality type, core values, past experiences,  personal definition of success, time/schedule, and passions so that you're building a business AND a life you absolutely LOVE!


You’ll leave this experience with the alignment you need to MOVE FORWARD as Aligned CEO of You, Inc.


Whether you have ZERO clue on any of the above (actually that’s my fav because it’s a blank canvas to work with you on!) or you are working on a pivot/re-brand and would like some guidance this is whatcha need and I cannot wait to help you get into alignment so that you're free to RUN with your brand!


I'm Ready To ALIGN! Sign Me Up!


during this 4 module training:


When you enroll in ALIGN you will be directed to a video from me and your course workbook where you can begin your simple, but powerful, pre-work.

From assessing your top 3 personal values & your highest commitments, to finding the sweet spot where calling meets passion meets experience/skill sets...BEYOND the personal brand basics as the basis for all we'll work through in ALIGN.


Topics covered:

  • Brand Content Pillars
  • Your Message
  • Your Tagline
  • Brand Aesthetic 


Topics covered:

  • Your Ideal Client Avatar 
  • Building A Target Audience
  • Aligned Lead Generation


 Topics covered:

  • Content That Serves + Converts
  • Aligned Brand Monetization Strategy


Topics covered: 

  • Time Management
  • Aligning Your Work Flow With Your Schedule

DAY 5 - Live Q&A

(January 2023 ONLY)

This is your opportunity to ask me questions about any of what you've been working on in ALIGN! If you can't make the live session, you'll have an opportunity to submit questions beforehand.

BONUS (DEC 2023):

Elevate Your Mindset Mini-mind.  Made for the woman who is ready to crack through her own upper limits, slay the fear of failure (or success!), and discover + capitalize on her Zone of Genius, so that she can step powerfully into her FULL potential for success in her business and LIFE. The perfect complement to ALIGN Your Brand!

Marla Borger

I love how Align Your Brand takes you through, step-by-step, exactly what you need to define WHO you are and WHAT you represent. Like what you REALLY want. I've read books, done other courses and workshops on the same topic - Align Your Brand is the one where I had my breakthrough AHA moment on what it is that I need to be doing. Ashley overdelivers on the amount of content. She really cares about your success, and it shows in the quality of this program. PLUS, if you get the chance to work with her one-on-one, take it! 

"Ashley has a special way of extracting all of the GOOD stuff in ya! She keeps you focused on staying in alignment within your core self, and support you through that process. She helps you to realize what is REALLY important to you, and how to be your BEST self. Her way of guiding you to discover your BEST self, for yourself is INVALUABLE! She has helped me realize that this is what transcends into success in your profession and business, as well as in your personal life.

Key words when I think of Ashley: Positivity, focus, core alignment, self care and purpose!"

 Gina P

Personal Trainer, Fitness4Evr

"I went from feeling over-whelmed and confused to feeling in alignment and clear on my brand and message.

If you are struggling on where to start in your online business journey, Ashley's branding strategy sessions will save you TONS of unnecessary time and energy trying to figure it all out on your own. 

Thank you Ashley for helping me move forward!"

Alysia P
Mompreneur/Online Marketer

ALIGN Your Brand

Begin or begin again (re-brand) in alignment with WHO you are, what you VALUE,  the GIFTS & PURPOSE that are uniquely yours, and what feels GOOD.


 If you’ve ever had back problems you know how important alignment is.

If you have a disc or vertebrae out of alignment you can sometimes keep moving but it's uncomfortable and certainly slows you down

Think of your personal brand as your backbone and each vertebrae as a piece of what we'll cover in ALIGN that will keep you feeling in alignment and able to move forward fluidly and with the ease you’re meant to in business.

It's essential to Align Your Brand and I'm ready to show you how!


YOUR (no brainer) INVESTMENT:

ONE PAYMENT OF $97 (AfterPay available!)

The Align 1:1 Intensive

VIPs get everything included with the Align Your Brand course PLUS:

- 1 90 min recorded 1:1 Zoom Call with me to be used within the year! To work specifically on your brand (or re-brand and business plan).
Notes and recording to be sent to you following the call.
- 5 days Voxer Coaching Access M-F  (following 1:1 session) for follow up and support with implementation.
What we will do in your pre-work and intensive:
 ▪️Define your brand content pillars, Ideal Client Avatar, and possibilities for monetization (or increased monetization).
▪️Alignment Adjustment: an audit of your current business model (what you currently sell, how you sell it, where you show up + create content (free and paid, how you generate leads, etc) and recommendations for changes (big or small) that will allow you to build with more ease and flow.
▪️Your Energy Management/Nervous System Regulation practices (or lack thereof) to keep you in pique energy + embodying your highest self which will in turn magnetize your ideal clients to you!
▪️Creating a workflow and weekly/monthly schedule that you will be EXCITED about executing on.

ALIGN 1:1 Intensive

ONE PAYMENT OF $497 (regularly $697!)