Snag My Entire Passive Income Online Business Model*

Learn how I create, sell and market digital courses, products, and coaching offers on autopilot!

*on sale now!

This course includes everything you need to dial in your brand, create a digital product, an automated sales funnel, and a content strategy to drive traffic to it to create passive income! (beginner friendly!)


If you're struggling to put ALL the pieces of the passive income puzzle together and/or are ready to automate and scale a digital product revenue stream professionally, the Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab is for you!


In this course, I'll show you how to:

✅ finally create a winning digital product and sales funnel that will allow for a seamless, passive sales process - 24/7, so that you can

✅ focus on serving your community + clients with your content and services, and living your LIFE.

✅ create a passive sales system that works for YOU and the platform you use to create content on with specific trainings in Instagram, Pinterest, Podcasting, and Websites/Blog!

 (this is NOT a cookie-cutter program where you are locked into marketing on one particular platform - I teach you the principals of content that will convert regardless of where!).

Regular Price: $997

Today's Price: $197*

*currently on sale!


Because creating multiple streams of income changes the game.

Imagine a life where your income isn't tied to trading hours for dollars. Picture waking up to find your bank account a little fatter each day, even while you sleep.


This isn't a pipe dream; it's the reality of passive income, and it's within your reach through passive digital product sales funnels. And DOING THE WORK required to make it happen (again, many won't but you aren't "many")


It starts with coming up with a profitable digital product idea, creating it professionally, and setting up a sales funnel  and having a plan to drive traffic to it through your content:


This is exactly what I teach you how to do in The Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab.

Hi, I'm Ashley Latimer 👋🏻

I built my personal brand + online business from zero to six figures whilst working full-time (for a year), having a baby on my hip, navigating divorce and being a self-sustaining single mama.

If I can do this, so can you (as long as you're willing to pivot and do the hard work that many will not. But you aren't "many"!).

Since retiring from a 13-year career in Special Education in 2017, and being in the online marketing game since 2016, I’ve created + sold hundreds of digital courses and products (as well as my membership, 1:1 Coaching, Done For You services, and group programs - same funnel system with traffic from multiple platforms including my Top 200 Marketing Podcast!). I'm here to show you how in WAY less time than it took me...

Teaching in a way that makes complex concepts accessible to all learning styles is my expertise.

And more, my own digital products are what have generated tens of thousands of leads, and hundreds of thousands in revenue for my business and given me FREEDOM in all ways.

This is one reason why I love teaching this passive income online business model.


This is for you if ...


✔️ You're on a mission to turn your knowledge, expertise, or creative passion into a profitable, impactful digital product that brings passive revenue to your business.


✔️ You're a busy Mompreneur striving to balance the demands of family life with your entrepreneurial desires and goals.


✔️ You're eager to share your insights and expertise with the world and help them get the results that have made a difference in your life.


✔️ You don't want to be confined to marketing on just one platform and don't want to buy multiple courses to teach you how to create traffic to your funnels...


If you're someone who dreams of creating a digital product (a course, an ebook, etc.) that  leaves a lasting impact (while making you INCOME), the Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab is your roadmap to making it happen.


Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, this course equips you with the essential skills and  strategies to bring your vision to life.


Your Playbook From Creation To (Passive) Cashflow

What you'll get:

✅ Step-by-step walkthrough of all the necessary components for selecting the type of digital product you want to create and how to actually create it within Canva and/or Kajabi.

✅ Action oriented worksheets to guide you through the process of building your passive digital product funnel. 

✅ The exact tech and tool stack I have used to create hundreds of professional digital products, to save you time and wasted money.

✅ Ninja AI hacks and copy/paste prompts to help you and save you time as you develop your digital product funnel.

✅ a video walkthrough of how I set up to record audio and/or video for courses (and podcasts!)

✅ A list of hundreds of digital product ideas, categorized by niche!


We go BEYOND just the creation of your digital product, and into how to set up your professional passive digital product funnel and effectively drive traffic to it:


✅ You'll set up or refine your email marketing so that you can capture leads NOW, and launch to them later!

✅ You'll set up all the necessary pages to ensure a seamless sales process for your customers,

✅ You'll get editable Canva digital product mock-up templates, which is a CRITICAL component when it comes to selling a digital product.

✅ BONUS: Ashley's Pinterest Masterclass to escalate traffic to your digital product funnel.

✅  BONUS: Ashley's SEO For Beginners E-Book and Masterclass.

✅ BONUS: Ashley Instagram 101 training and examples of the 3 types of posts you MUST have for conversion.

  • and so much more!


Here’s an overview of what is covered:


  • Week 1: Branding Basics & Market Research
  • Week 2: Digital Product Development & Creation
  • Week 3: Sales Funnel System - email marketing
  • Week 4: Sales Funnel System - sales, checkout, & thank you pages + strategy
  • Week 5: Connecting & Testing Your Funnel
  • Week 6: Content & Promotion Strategy


I could easily charge thousands for this (and I would if I were walking you through this 1:1 charging my hourly rate!) but I truly truly want what I've learned through blood, sweat, and tears over the last 8 years to be accessible to as many women as want and need it as possible, while remaining in business myself of course!


Regular Price: $997

Today's Price: $197*

*currently on sale!


Take a sneak peek of what's inside the course:

Video Poster Image


$997 $197

Because every day that you delay in learning and implementing how to do this is a day you’re leaving money on the table, a day you’re wasting your time creating willy nilly content that isn’t actually converting, and a day your ideal customer is finding someone else to give their money to 💯


“I have had the pleasure of working with Ashley in many capacities and have taken many of her courses and I can honestly say that what she teaches has been life changing for me. I am a stay at home mom who was trying to do the hustle from home and bring in a side income but what I was doing just wasn't working for me. It wasn't quite getting me to where I wanted to be. Where I knew I could be!

She takes what might be a very overwhelming process to some and breaks everything down so that it's not only easy to understand but is also very manageable to accomplish (and being a WAHM that was HUGE for me with limited time on my hands)!! 

She gave me the tools I needed to help get my business streamlined and automated when I first started seeing success. Which ultimately brought in even more success.

She really includes all the pieces to the puzzle to help you succeed.

In this past year I saw my first 10k month, my first 20k month, I hit my goal of hitting my first 6 figure year and, in fact, blew that goal out of the water. Opportunities have been coming my way that I never dreamed would be possible at this stage in the game.

Is that typical? Maybe not, but I DO KNOW that I would not be where I am today or have gotten to where I am as quickly as I did without the building blocks Ashley gave me with what she teaches in her courses. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

All I can say is if you're on the fence about joining one of her courses, grabbing that 1:1 spot or joining her exclusive Facebook group just DO IT. The value you will get will be 1000 x's worth it and just might be life-changing for you as well!”

Lindsay Roggenbuck

Lifestyle Influencer 

"I just came to say, START!

Stop consuming and start DOING!
Taking Ashley’s  course and having lifetime access to it - has changed the game for me! The way she presents it is easily digestible and in a tangible way you can apply it now!
My website isn’t perfect.
My blog isn’t perfect.
I did host an in person class that sold out in 2 days!
I wrote 2 ebooks.
I am currently doing open enrollment for my 21 days Soul Renewal mastermind and already have 10 people signed up!


Brandi Baudin


 "Working with Ashley in a 1:1 capacity was the best business investment I have made yet. I needed to build a website and learn all the marketing skills and tools for our Alkaline Water Store. I am NOT a techy person and I needed serious hand-holding.

 I wanted to learn from Ashley so that when I want to make tweaks or edits in the future…I wouldn't have to pay someone to do it. I wanted to really understand the flow of all the pieces behind the scenes. That’s where Ashley SHINES!

She is extremely professional and her programs are very comprehensive. You can work at your own pace. I worked through them as we also did 1:1 working zooms. I have learned so much from her, that would have taken me years to learn, or not! 

Ashley teaches what’s possible and how to execute. She’s a pro at helping you align your vision, SEO, automation, podcasting, sales funnels, etc. All without being a slave to social media! The other reason I chose to work with her is that ALL of her programs are reusable for any business! I have plans in the future for other businesses and ministry. I will be able to use all of her courses in the future!

I also joined her Maverick Society monthly membership so that I can have access to her new works, and still be mentored live by Ashley while creating and growing with other amazing like-minded female entrepreneurs. It's going to be an amazing year!!!"


Sandi Kuhn


"Where do I even start?

Ashely has become pretty much a permanent fixture in my life. 

I did a Brand [Boss Up Your Brand] BootCamp with her and then after that decided to join the Maverick Society where I now have access to her whole course library, but even better, the weekly coaching calls.  

These calls are everything. Having the ability to bounce around ideas with her and the amazing other women in the program, has done volumes for me and my business.  It holds me accountable, and makes me push forward, even when it gets tough!

This is my THIRD attempt at an online business and I am building a very solid foundation with the help of Ashley and the Maverick Society!!!  

Ashley's morals and values align with what I think every entrepreneur should strive for.

Thank you for all that you do Ashley!  You are a very amazing, beautiful smart leader, and I am so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from you!"

Marni Amos


Are you in?!



See you inside!🥂


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