Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab

If you're struggling to put ALL the pieces of the passive income puzzle together and/or are ready to automate and scale what you've got going, the Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab is for you!

I've created hundreds of digital products and sales funnels over the last 8 years and have a TON of knowledge to share!!

In this course, I'll show you how to finally create a winning digital product and sales funnel that will allow for a seamless, passive sales process - even while you sleep!

So that you can focus on serving your community + clients with your content and services, and living your LIFE.

You'll learn how to create a passive sales system that works for YOU (this is NOT a cookie-cutter program where you are locked into marketing on one particular platform!).

If you want to be able to…

✅ Scale your business with confidence, knowing that your automated systems are converting leads into sales without constant oversight,

✅ Diversify your income streams by leveraging the power of digital products, freeing you from the time-for-money trade and allowing for revenue growth even during off-hours or vacation times.

✅ Gain clarity and direction in your digital product strategy, eliminating the overwhelm and confusion often associated with launching and automating online products.

✅ Achieve long-term sustainability and peace of mind by building a solid, scalable foundation that supports your brand's vision and aligns with your authentic business values.

Then the  Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab is for you!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  1. 6 weekly strategic, powerful training drops to show you exactly how to create a digital product, passive sales funnel, and plan to promote.
  2. Action-oriented worksheets and tools to keep you organized!
  3. Bi-weekly Q&A sessions with me within the course portal (3 total). This is the one and only time Q&A with me will be included with the course!!
  4. Lifetime access to the course material and replays of Q&A sessions

This course is an affordable way for female entrepreneurs to create a  customizable passive income system and start THRIVING in this brand-building journey!

You'll be able to create a viral-worthy digital product and a funnel that you can utilize to create passive sales from multiple sources as you grow!

Here’s exactly how it works:

Step #1: You sign up and receive an email with all the details 

Step #2: Training will start to drop the week of February 12th

Step #3: Before that, you’ll receive pre-work and a BONUS listing of winning digital product ideas by niche to get your creative juices flowing (and access to the membership if you enroll with that option!)

Step #4: During the 6 weeks, II will ensure that you have everything you need to create your digital product and passive sales funnel. Including bi-weekly Q&A sessions within the course portal.

Here’s what we are covering:

  • Week 1: Branding Basics & Market Research
  • Week 2: Digital Product Development
    Week 2: Digital Product Creation (Canva and Kajabi)
  • Week 3: Sales Funnel System - email marketing
  • Week 4: Sales Funnel System - sales, checkout, & thank you pages + strategy
  • Week 5: Promoting Your Digital Product
  • Week 6: Pre-launch & Launch Strategy
  • BONUS: Offer Suite Ideation and Order Bump/Upsell/Downsell Strategy

Sound AH-mazing??

You have TWO awesome investment options to get in on this - note that there are time-sensitive details:



Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab, self-paced course:

  • You will receive lifetime access to the Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab course and action-oriented workbook.
  • Trainings and resources will drop weekly for 6 weeks.
  • Bi-weekly Q&A calls within the course portal


one no brainer payment of $197


 2 monthly payments of $111




[BEST VALUE] Join Maverick Society, The Membership:

  1. Self-paced course: Passive Digital Product Funnel Lab 
  2. Weekly members-only Q&A Hot Seat coaching calls with to help support you through the implementation and scaling of your brand + biz
  3. A private Facebook group/community where you can ask quick questions as you learn and implement and get my feedback within 24 hours
  4. Access to my FULL course and resource library ($5,000+ value alone), and all programs I release during your year in the membership, and SO MUCH more!


$444 per month  $222 per month 


one payment of $4,000 $2,000 (get 3 months FREE!)

(The pricing above is only available here with code MAV50)



Don't hesitate to email [email protected] should you have any questions!

$197 (or 2 monthly payments of $111)

The email you enter here will be your course login email as well : )